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We offer experiential, hands-on learning opportunities, taking the classroom to the field and turning it all into an adventure that inspires global citizenship.

Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been here, you will never be the same.

Brian Jackman

Education. Adventure. Unique Travel Experiences.

Let’s Build The Tour That’s Just Right For You.

Enrolling for a student exchange program abroad opens up an exciting new world of wonder and opportunity. In the past 20+ years, we’ve built a platform that creates youth and student travel and exchange opportunities, harnessing local and international partnerships for both educational, adventure and other unique travel experiences varying in length from 3 weeks up to 2 years. Our programs include GAP Year international exchanges, Medical Electives & Research, International Development Study Projects and Volunteer Programs offered through our accredited partners and institutions.

We create adventures into a world of boundless, new possibilities; of immersion into unexplored cultures, an opportunity to learn something new, firsthand. For those interested in any of our inbound programs, we want you to experience the freedom and growth of being lost to everything you have only ever heard about Africa and to experience her for yourself – to birth a new understanding of its vast humanity, its diversity, its vibrancy – and to gain friendships, experiences and memories for a lifetime. Welcome to Student Exchange Africa. Get in touch, let us discuss the possibilities.

About Student Exchange Africa

Student Exchange Africa is an independent destination management service platform that offers educational travel for youth and students globally – with an emphasis on experiential education and cultural immersion.

We work in partnership with local and international institutions and global tour operators to offer scheduled and fully bespoke travel programs and experiences for tertiary-level students, as well as organized tours and international trips for both primary and secondary schools. 

How We Do What We Do

Student Exchange Africa is comprised of alumni of several global youth exchange programs. Our team is widely-travelled across Africa and beyond. We are driven by our passion for human interactions and commitment to meet the expectations of our intrepid student travellers.

Our collective experience in student travel is backed by professional destination management field teams.  Our programs are structured to ensure that individual student objectives are met; that learning engagements are hands-on and practical; and that the travel experience is rich. We offer both programs and open placement so that individual experiences with us are always tailored, flexible and unique.

Because participants will generally be in-country for a minimum of three weeks, our programs are structured to engage students in the local lifestyle and culture.

Our offers are interactive giving participants the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the unique lifestyles in their travel destination(s). Our goal is to surpass expectations on both the educational and travel experience. We have worked with students from all over the world from Europe to Asia and Australia as well as North America and even locally on the continent.

Our Team Leaders have extensive local knowledge and travel experience as exchange students and ensure a well-coordinated travel and program experience with personalized service for program participants.  They will also share their wealth of knowledge (culture, language, and skills) providing participants with the prerequisite information necessary for planning and scheduling their entire trip including local travel itineraries. We guarantee quality service 100% of the time.

Inbound Exchange Programs

Let’s Build The Tour That’s Just Right For You.


Minimum: 6 Weeks; Maximum: 24 Weeks

Cost: From $2,375/person

IDS internships are designed to offer students looking for a foundational internship program in community and development work that gives participants practical skills and open them up to a host of exciting career opportunities.


Availability: Scheduled Placements March-June | September-November


IDS Programs are all single-station placements that include the opportunity for field assignments within local communities via the local partner or host organization, usually a community-based organization.

Community development agencies, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, CSR and CSI corporate units.

ELIGIBILITY: Students of International Development, Public Health, Cultural Studies & Other Humanities


Minimum: 8 Weeks; Maximum: 24 Weeks

Cost: From $3895/person

Medical research electives offer students of medical sciences the opportunity for firsthand interaction with primary health and clinical research initiatives. The programs offer meaningful insight into epidemiological studies and the methodological approaches to researching some of the most daunting public health challenges on the continent ranging from malaria, to HIV and more.


Availability: All-year around


Single-site placement with extensive opportunities for field work.

Placement is with medical research institute or supporting agencies and includes medical research authorization approvals.

ELIGIBILITY: Students must be at the permissible level of study for the elective (usually a minimum of their second year in their respective academic programs).

GAP YEAR CHALLENGE | Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Full Duration: 18 Weeks

Cost: From $4,500/person

Our gap year program offers authentic, transformational experiences for youth transitioning into adulthood to become truly global citizens. The experience is immersive; engaging participants in the communities they shall live with through culture, language and community service and experiential travel. 


Availability: Programs start March | June | September


All placements are for single location for the entire duration of the program and includes 2-week mid-term safari-break.

Program Elements: Individual projects, language school, multi-site community service engagement, outdoor team building and leadership course and in-country travel itineraries.

ELIGIBILITY: Participants have completed high school and are aged 18 to 23 years at the time of application.


Minimum: 3 Weeks; Maximum: 24 Weeks

Cost: From $1,875/person

We offer both long and short stay exchanges for volunteers between 18 and 35 years of age. There is no prerequisite for volunteering, just the spirit to help others and a willingness to live in the local communities in which you shall serve. Volunteers get the opportunity to live with their respective project hosts in a variety of placements. 


Availability: All-year around.


Volunteer programs are either single (short-term) or multi-station (long-term) placements. Volunteers are partnered with a local community and will be stationed locally for the duration of the program.

Placements include child-advocacy and care organizations, working with minorities, persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone aged 18 to 35 years of age.

Field School Programs | KENYA ONLY

Full Duration: Max. 26 Weeks/Session

Cost: TBD/Custom Quote Only

The programs are bespoke, exclusive programs offered for a wide variety of academic studies including environmental and nature studies, cultural studies or other academic research that demands field surveys for data collection. Placements are offered on an open basis depending on the individual requirements of the participant(s).


Availability: All-year around


Single-site placement with extensive opportunities for field work.

Custom placement depending on individual applicants' requirements.

ELIGIBILITY: These are placements for academic merit and are open to students undertaking research or data collection surveys to be facilitated via local organization.

Our Inbound Destinations

Let’s Build The Tour That’s Just Right For You.


Kenya’s 2nd largest city, world-renowned for its excellent sandy beaches and hospitality.


Capital city of Rwanda, and the country’s economic and political hub.


“place of the impala” capital city of Uganda, vibrant, colourful and vivacious.


Kenya’s third largest metropolis and home to Lake Victoria, Nam Lolwe, Africa’s largest lake and the world’s fresh water lake. 


Capital city of Zambia, home of Victoria falls and Kaunda Suits, named after the country’s former president, Kenneth Kaunda.


“the place of cool waters” One of Africa’s most cosmopolitan cities. Also, “the green city in the sun”, and the only capital in the world with a national park within its boundaries.

maasai mara

Home of the great migration, “eighth wonder of the world”. The best of nature resides here, you would be remiss not to take in the action.


Great outdoor adventure fun, popular tourist desitination. This sleepy town in the Rift Valley is home to Hellsgate National Park, Lake Naivasha and just a stones throw from Mt. Longonot.


Clear blue skys, sun sand and fun.

This is one of our most popular safari destinations, rarely missed even by those traveling to any of our other destinations.


The foothills of Kilimanjaro – 10 KM from Kenya-Tanzania border – superb for both IDS projects and volunteering and touring Amboseli National Park and Tarakea, across the border.

What Others Have Said About Us

Your compliments mean the world to us!

I took my elective in two separate locations; one in Nairobi,  Kenya, the other in Ndejje, Uganda via Student Exchange Africa and Community and Family Health Initiative, an NGO in Uganda, taking a  two-week travel intermission between the two sites. The travel experience surpassed my expectations. My Travel Coordinator was just exceptional at organizing everything for me!

Andrea Oelscheleg

Medical Student, Health School Hildegard, AUSTRIA

Both Lizzie and I couldn’t have asked for more. David and Victor were really helpful right from our arrival through to organizing and coordinating our work and travel arrangements; helping settle us into our daily routine, internet and phone service, banking and so much more. They even assisted us to run errands. It was really great to have someone there to ease into a new environment and help us find our feet.

Lizzie Connor and Georgiana Stanton

Medical Student, University of Notre Dame | AUSTRALIA

This was a great experience for us and we had the most amazing time in Kenya! We had a lot of doubts coming to Kenya but the trip was so well coordinated that we always felt so comfortable. We were very keen to travel widely besides the opportunity to work in the hospital and volunteer in the community and we got to do all this and much more! I am most grateful to John and David who were our TA’s – you guys rock!

Stephan Becker, Marco Augart, Robert Stade

University of Heidelberg, GERMANY

Our Outbound Destinations

Let’s Build The Tour That’s Just Right For You.








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