An Introduction to Our Global Health Experiences

Commencing in 2005, Student Exchange Africa has been organizing global health programs and clerkship programs for nursing and medical students from all over the world in partnership with a broad array of public hospitals across the region. Our programs run across East and parts of southern Africa including in Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi subject to availability.

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Placements are available on-demand within a comfortable 3 to 6-month forward planning schedule and are developed with the goal of showcasing international health experiences within some of the most demanding and resource-challenged environments in sub-Saharan Africa, typically within the public healthcare system. By interacting with some of the most challenging secondary health care environments in the world, participants will be able to hone their clinical knowledge and practice and develop essential practical skills all while tapping into and experiencing firsthand, a rich and immersive learning environment.

Participants get to choose their preferred rotations depending on their particular global health objectives as well as the duration and schedule of their respective placements. Determining the key focus of individual learning objectives allows both the participant and Student Exchange Africa to find placements that are an ideal match in order to optimize both the travel and learning experiences.

The Goals of Our Global Health Programs

In line with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (USA) and Good Medical Practice guidelines of the GMC (UK), our programs are designed to offer an ethically-responsible experience, balancing between the participant’s most essential educational rigours and expectations on one hand and stimulating travel experiences that will give participants great value. We’ve created our programs with an intent focus on participants needs ensuring that placements target the development of key competencies in medical knowledge, patient management, practical, professional clinical skills and peer interactions.

What You Will Be Doing During The Program?

Our programs offer medical students an enhanced opportunity to fulfil some of their educational and career progression goals by exposing them to the rich educational experience that the practice of medicine in the public sector in Africa will offer.  Participants will get to assist and observe in taking patient history, diagnosis, management and treatment. Much of your time will be spent in very close contact with the junior doctors, nursing staff and patients while doing major ward rounds with other medical students and consultant physicians while at teaching hospitals.

The In-Country Experience, Your Health, Safety and Security

Our promise is to offer an experience that is highly interactive, relevant and seamlessly planned. We guarantee participants a highly educational experience, combined with a truly memorable travel experience – you will get to experience local travel, lifestyle and culture in the destination of your placement. Additionally, for organized groups, there will be an opportunity to engage in mobile clinics, grassroots primary health care initiatives and community-health field studies as well as medical outreach camps via their placement hospitals and local community-based organizations.

In-country, our highest priority is the security of participants and we guarantee this by assigning all participants Travel Liaison to assist with all pretravel support, in-country logistics and support as well as health and security throughout their stay. We have a stringent policy on Health, Safety and Security which we expect all participants to comply and adhere to in their best interests. Our programs extend to pretravel support, full placement support, local in-country travel, health, safety, security and regulatory compliance (including travel insurance, regulatory student approvals, in-country medical support and evacuation arrangements. Additionally, participants are also required to attend a 3-day mandated in-country orientation and debrief. Participants must, for their own safety, ensure that they are registered with their local missions while in-country.

All participants shall be met at the nearest port of entry by their assigned TL and provided with a survival kit for their participation in the program including official itinerary, guide maps, hospital and living kits. On all our placements, Student Exchange Africa partner hospitals shall provide a basic living allowance to defray the costs of local transportation and other living expenses. Elective placements are offered for a minimum of six (6) weeks for medical students and four (4) weeks for nursing students. Practical year clerkships are offered for eight (8) to sixteen (16) weeks at a time.

Some of Our Program Hospitals & Partners

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