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Marco, Stephan & Robert, Medical Students, Heidelberg, Germany

It was interesting for us to observe the similarities and even more, the glaring differences in healthcare standards, quality and delivery between our home country and those in East Africa. But this is really where the richness of our program was most satisfactory –  being able to engage hands-on gave us a very meaningful experience and we really enjoyed our travel experience!

Sherrie, Rebecca, Stephanie, Emma , Medical Students, Liverpool, UK

It was an intense six weeks with loads and loads of learning opportunities – we could barely keep up with! While we had different schedules at the hospital (New Nyanza, in Kenya), we all agreed that an elective here would be incomplete without time spent in the outpatient and general wards where there is always a buzz of activity. The program was very well organized!

James Ingram, Medical Student, Monash, Australia

I took a 12-week placement in JOOTRH and Our lady of Lourdes Mission Hospital, both in Kenya. Initially overwhelmed by the notable differences in healthcare delivery, doctor-patient interactions and the seemingly insurmountable prevalence of different tropical conditions, the daily routines became pleasant and I began to enjoy the learning opportunities and experience the practice of medicine hands-on once I “found my feet”.

Kenyatta National Hospital, MEEA 2018 Group Tour, Medical & Nursing Students

We spent eight weeks on elective in Kenya; four at Kenyatta National Hospital in the capital, Nairobi and another four weeks at New Nyanza General Hospital in Kisumu on the Western side of Kenya bordered by Lake Victoria. This dual placement was deliberate since it was one of our mutual objectives to gain as much knowledge and insight of the Kenyan medical system.

Sufiah & Nabila, Medical Students, Mansoura (Egypt), Malaysia

We had an excellent experience and would thoroughly recommend Student Exchange Africa. If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming hospital in a developing country, where they will work you hard but will be well supported during your stay, then we recommend you go here. Kenya is a great place – you will meet wonderfully friendly people and can do some amazing off-the-tourist-trail travelling.

Alexandra, Medical Student, Heidelberg, Germany

My last two weeks were spent in the delivery room. This station was the most thrilling of the six weeks I had in Kenya. I was able to observe and get involved in performing gynecological examinations and assisting in  caesarean births – procedures I would ordinarily be unable to engage in at a hospital as a student – which gave me a lot of confidence to apply my theoretical knowledge.

Georgiana & Elizabeth, Medical Student, Notre Dam, Australia

This was a great experience for us! The staff were very friendly and welcoming and so we were able to learn a lot just by being on the ward rounds and seeing the patients. For those interested in tropical medicine and infectious diseases, JOOTRH is ideal ‐ there is so much exposure to conditions we simply don’t see in Australia or (I’m assuming) in other ‘western’ nations.

Lina , Medical Student, Heidelberg, Germany

Since I have started my medical studies I wanted to visit another country and practice medicine there to see the different conditions and to broaden my practical experience. After intensive internet research I discovered a report of a student who had spent 3 months in Nairobi, Kenya that sounded extremely interesting.

Nurrayne Medical Student, Mansourra (Egypt), Malaysia

Overall, I’ve had a fantastic experience with Student Exchange Africa. Africa and her challenges are unique and can only be truly understood by spending a considerable amount of time there. I would encourage students keen on understanding healthcare in Africa, to take an elective oriented towards primary healthcare approaches and community health, and not just clinical health care.

Jasmine & Suthatinee Medical Students, Nottingham, UK

Our global health program at Kenyatta Hospital was quite fulfilling and quite instructive. We both come from different backgrounds (Sri Lanka and Thailand), but study medicine in the UK. The hospital had ample, hands-on learning opportunities within a resource-poor environment. Public health practice in the UK contrasts sharply to Kenya!

Malamulo Hospital MEEA 2017 Group Tour, Medical & Nursing Students

Andrea Oelshelg, Medical Student, Austria

My elective practically begun when I commenced the placement process. Initially, it was very difficult with very little feedback from any of the hospitals that I had shortlisted in my search. After completing the online form for my placement through the Student Exchange Africa, I was able to secure a placement in just five days with lots of support before I arrived in Kenya.

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I took my elective in two separate locations; one in Nairobi,  Kenya, the other in Ndejje, Uganda via Student Exchange Africa and Community and Family Health Initiative, an NGO in Uganda, taking a  two-week travel intermission between the two sites. The travel experience surpassed my expectations. My Travel Coordinator was just exceptional at organizing everything for me!

Andrea Oelscheleg

Medical Student, Health School Hildegard, AUSTRIA

Both Lizzie and I couldn’t have asked for more. David and Victor were really helpful right from our arrival through to organizing and coordinating our work and travel arrangements; helping settle us into our daily routine, internet and phone service, banking and so much more. They even assisted us to run errands. It was really great to have someone there to ease into a new environment and help us find our feet.

Lizzie Connor and Georgiana Stanton

Medical Student, University of Notre Dame | AUSTRALIA

This was a great experience for us and we had the most amazing time in Kenya! We had a lot of doubts coming to Kenya but the trip was so well coordinated that we always felt so comfortable. We were very keen to travel widely besides the opportunity to work in the hospital and volunteer in the community and we got to do all this and much more! I am most grateful to John and David who were our TA’s – you guys rock!

Stephan Becker, Marco Augart, Robert Stade

University of Heidelberg, GERMANY

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